Mission Statement

Mission statement

I don’t photograph subjects, but I love photography. I photograph the way subjects make me feel. Personally, I’m not interested in just a picture; there is a difference between pictures “of something” and “about something.” I like to think my pictures are about something. Photography gives me a chance to share my perspective. My pursuit of new experiences and areas pushes me to continue my senses of what’s around me with my cameras. One subject I find interesting is this idea of how science is our personal savior and the death sentence of nature. Humor, compassion, experiences, and curiosity is what I hope you feel and see in my photographs throughout my travels.

Vision statement

To travel remote areas and provide video and photographic documentation for outdoor education to thousands across the country. Our goal is to provide significant support for wildlife conservation and awareness programs, while sharing a strong commitment to protecting trails across the country.


RebelutionNova is also looking for product donations that will contribute to the success of our trail stewardship and outdoor hiking expeditions – and will simultaneously enable your product to gain exposure through various methods. If you are interested in helping, click HERE